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Journal publications


Reports and policy briefs

- Policy brief: community health interventions in informal settlements: reaching the most vulnerable

- Policy brief: determinants and reasons for choice of maternity care provider in Mumbai's informal urban settlements

- Policy brief: Learning from stakeholders for health equity

- Stakeholder consultation: report of 7 round table discussions in Asia and Africa

- Stakeholder consultation: report of in-depth interviews with policy makers and practitioners


Newspaper articles

 - Newspaper article on Round Table Discussions with Stakeholders about health equity. Hetauda Sandesh daily_12Oct2012 (in Nepali)

- From Mosquito Nets to Life-saving Moisturiser: The London Team Tackling Global Health and Development. Huffington Post_15Jul2013


Conference presentations

- Socio-economic and socio-demographic differences in women's group attendance. 2013 International Health Economics Association Conference.

- Engaging stakeholders in research on inequalities in maternal and newborn health. 2013 International Health Economics Association Conference.


Yearly project updates

- Year 1 project update


Website announcements

- CIHD research projects website

- ESRC grant announcement

- DFID grant announcement

- CIHD News item: grant announcement

- MIRA News item: grant announcement

- Ekjut News item: grant announcement

- BADAS News item: grant announcement

- SNEHA News item: grant announcement


Related work

Many papers have come out from work that our team members do as part of other projects they are involved in. Links to some relevant papers are given below.

Protocol papers


Trial papers


Description of surveillance system


Other papers on socio-economic inequalities in maternal, newborn and child health